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Official Grand Opening Las Vegas Shop


Juliana Furs has set the date for the official grand opening of it's Las Vegas fur shop.  On Tuesday October 22 from 5PM to 9PM Juliana Furs will be host to some of Las Vegas' prominent retail shoppers.  Beverages and informal modeling will highlight the event as well some truly exquisite fur garments.

Fur Appraisal at Juliana Furs

Juliana Furs announces fur appraisal service in Las Vegas. Many people need a fur appraisal to provide to their insurance company.  Our experts will give you a fair fur appraisal so that you can get the value of what your fur is worth.  Ask about our fur coat insurance program.  Juliana Furs is a full [...]

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Fur Restyling

Summer is the time to have your furs restyled to lovable, useful and fun pieces. Here's your chance to create the highlights and accessories you need for your wardrobe. Get your furs ready now for the coming cold weather or that trip you're planning. Make an appointment to come in now during the heat to [...]

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Furrier opens in Las Vegas

Furs in Las Vegas, NV Fur coat designer / furrier Juliana opens up a fur store in Las Vegas near Fashion Show Mall, The Wynn and Trump Tower.  Fur coats for women, men's fur coats, fur vests, designer fur coats and fur for the home are all part of this fur store scheduled to open in [...]

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Jennifer Lopez wearing a Lynx Fur Coat

Jennifer Lopez is looking fabulous in her lynx fur coat.  But I wouldn't want to be on the business end of that finger wave!  I wonder what her target did to deserve that. Perhaps it was at a paparazzi for snapping pics of her?  In any case... Jennifer you're beautiful when your angry, especially when [...]

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Victoria Beckham in Red Fox Fur

Victoria Beckham is looking incredibly desirable wearing a red fox fur bolero and her form fitting, leather stretch pants. What a great look!

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Kanye West in a Fur Coat

Here is a picture taken by a paparazzi photographer of Kanye West. Kanye is wearing a very fierce, men's fur coat that is unknown as to what type of fur coat it actually is. It could be coyote or fox fur.  Maybe it's opossum ..  If any of our readers knows what it is please leave a comment.

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Madonna Wears Black Fox Fur at Billboard Music Awards

Fox Fur is on fire with celebrities who love to wear fox fur coats and fox fur trim.  Madonna wore a black fox fur collar to top off her outfit. Bill Board Magazine also gave Madonna a best dressed award in addition to her award for Top Touring Artist.   

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Celebrities Wearing Fox Furs, Fur Coats | Ashanti and Tina Douglas

Ashanti is wearing a snocap fox shawl and Tina Douglas (Ashanti's mother) is wearing a red fox jacket. This picture was taken on mother's day. For more fox fur coats, click: fox fur coats

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