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Fur Restyling

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Fur Restyling; Remodel your Fur

Restyle your fur coat into a fresh new look!

If you're like most fur coat owners, you've enjoyed countless occasions of wearing your fur.  Even the trip to the supermarket never felt so good!  For some, the idea of restyling a fur coat is more cost effective than purchasing a new fur coat. For others, they've become attached to it and want to keep wearing it for years to come.

In this fur restyling section we are offering suggested styles as we've found them to be the most popular for fur restyling.  The price you see is to take your existing fur coat and transform it to the style you see in the picture.  This price includes taking apart your fur coat and re-cut the fur against the new pattern and sew it back together. We will add new closures, pockets, lining and or fabric depending on the style you select.  The color, texture and hair length of your fur will remain the same. 

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